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Mail Forwarding

Like any sensibly minded person you will have shopped around and seen that the average price for mail forwarding services is £2.50 per week plus postage and materials. At CSBS we like to push the boundaries and make our own rules. We decided not to charge for mail forwarding services, not a penny. You only pay postage and materials. If you have only one item forwarded per week that is a saving of £130.00 a year, twice per week makes a saving of £260.00. These are huge savings and guaranteed for the life of your mailbox rental.

For that all important letter we can scan to email, allowing you the benefit of having it delivered directly in to your inbox or reading it on your PDA/Phone. We will charge you a small fee of £2.50 and this will cover the first 5 pages and then it’s 50p per page. We can then securely shred the document or you can have it forwarded at your discretion.

Please note you will need to have mail forwarding activated on your account and have sufficient funds on your balance.

When completing your application, let us know the frequency for mail forwarding, whether it is daily, weekly, fortnightly, monthly, upon request or we can simply just store it securely until you collect it.

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