Mail Forwarding

Once your account is opened, it will have a mail ledger assigned to it. Your ledger details the amount of mail you have received and it will also show the amount of mail you have forwarded and the costs involved (if you have selected the mail forwarding option).

You can add funds to your ledger at any time by contacting us via email. An invoice will then be raised and sent to you for payment. These funds are then used to forward your mail to you upon your request.

We always advise (where applicable) customers to allow mail to build up for at least a week, at which point we can forward up to 6 large letters (on average) for the cost of 1 large letter by forwarding them all in a single mailing bag.

We don’t charge any handling or holding fees and, as such, the average weekly mail forwarding cost for our customers is:

Royal Mail Large Letter – £1.45
Grey Tamper Proof Bag – £1.50

Total = £2.95

The Royal Mail postage fee is subject to change as a result of potential price increases.

You can make a deposit payment of £10 when submitting your application to cover future costs or you can address this once mail has begun to arrive for you.

Alternatively, you can come and collect your mail at any time during our office hours. We are also
available should you need to collect mail out of hours, however this must be prearranged.

Scan to Email

If you’re expecting an urgent correspondence and need access to this information the same day, we
also offer a scan to email service.

The first 5 pages (front and back) are £2.50. Please enquire directly for more information regarding

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